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Our mission statement:

The Vision - Through this ministry, all generational strongholds and bondages are broken by the blood of the perfect lamb and the power of our testimonies(Revelation 12). Men of all ages and backgrounds in unified faith in Christ living free in the new covenant to gather together passionately, and intimately worshipping as one body glorifying our God and the King of kings Jesus Christ.

Project Mankind Podcast

Have you heard the Project Mankind Podcast brought to you by Thomas Jusayan & author, Christian counselor, and life coach Dr. Jim Slaughter? It's a men's discipleship ministry that focuses on aligning men's ideologies, spirituality, and principles with God's Truth through Biblical Principles and the Love for Jesus (The Word). We discuss topics that are relative in today's society; topics on family values, sex, politics and religion. We speak on issues that men often struggle with daily, but may have difficulties sharing, and expressing their emotions. Issues such as addictions, sins, personal struggles, family matters, money, dating, relationships, divorce, bondage, dealing with hurts and pains from our past and many more. We give practical advice in these areas through personal stories and testimonies. We help disciple one another as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28, and empower men to find their identity in Christ once again, as citizens of God's kingdom, and discover their purpose as leaders with Kingdom authority.

A bit of background about Project Mankind Podcast logo is... Back in 2020 during our historic global economy and nation’s shutdown, during my prayer time God asked me an important question. What can we do in a time such as this to help one another? I knew the impact of the Corona virus had to our lives and to the lives of many people. It’s as if God is asking what can we as “Adam” also translated as “mankind” do for one another. No one could leave their homes without the fear of catching the virus. Establishments, businesses, church gatherings were closed and all indoor or outdoor activities suspended. God placed a burden in my heart to reach out and pray with friends and family over text, emails, zoom calls who may be experiencing trauma, depression, anxiety, and insecurities during these troubled and unsure times. As I continue to pray to help strengthen everyone’s faith, the image of Christ appeared as the Lion head and a crown of thorns. It’s a reminder for all mankind to redirect our fears and place our faith in the Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ). That God is not done, he is in control. As men, we are to rely on Christ not just as our Lord and savior but also for our strength, and confidence like a Lion knowing that In Him and through Him all things are created (Colossians 1) That we are to also lead like a Lion and reign like our king.

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Before you leave our site today, we would like to offer you a prayer. Father God, I want to walk with You. Help me to crave a life that is led by You. Today, please fill me with Your Spirit’s wisdom, power, and strength. Give me the courage to be still and trust You. Teach me to listen to Your Spirit, and show me how to obey You faithfully and follow You boldly. In Jesus’ name, Amen.